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Keto 101

My Keto Journey What Is Keto? Keto is shorthand for ketogenic. Simply put, it is the process your body undergoes when it burns fat. A ketogenic diet is when you eat foods that shift your metabolism from burning sugars and carbs to burning your own fat for fuel by eating a high healthy fat, moderate […]

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My Keto Journey

My entire adult life, I suffered with the heartbreak and shame of being fat. I found a solution, and I’ve made it simple.

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Packing the Perfect Keto Carry-on Bag

I’ve learned to always pack something keto friendly as it is rare to get a snack for a flight attended that contains no sugar or carbs.

The Keto Party Survival Guide

The Keto Party Survival Guide

There’s an office party, holiday gathering or birthday coming up. Oh no! How are you going to resist temptation? It’s a crisis that we all face

The Best Exercises on Keto

The Best Exercises On Keto

Ok, so you are on this great journey and you are changing your lifestyle to lose weight and get healthy. You’re getting this keto thing down

Weight Loss Isn't The Only Benifit to Keto

Weight Loss Isn’t the Only Benefit

When we seriously cut back the carbohydrates from our diet and enter a state of ketosis, things happen in our bodies that are nothing short of

Latest Recipes

Bon Appe Keto Lemon Danish

Bon Appe Keto Lemon Curd Danish

This delicious treat actually got it’s start in Austria where it was called a Plundergebäck. Brought to Denmark by Austrian bakers during a bakery strike in the 1850’s. The “wienerbrød” as the Danes called them, quickly grew in popularity. Several types of Danish pastries made their way to England in the early 1900’s. were tart […]

Bon Appe Keto Chicken Biscuit Sandwiches

A Keto version of the all America fired chicken & biscuit sandwich.

Keto Raspberry Danish

Bon Appe Keto Raspberry Danish

Recipe produces 6 delicious Bon Appe Keko Raspberry Danishes

Bon Appe Keto Chicken Teriyaki

Bon Appe Keto Chicken Teriyaki

This simple mix of chicken and sauces great when served with vegetables and riced cauliflower.