Chocolate Brownies Make Everything Better

“Chocolate brownies make everything better”, I said to my friend at the bar.  The look on his face was classic.  That statement in most cities would not have raised an eyebrow, but we were in Las Vegas.  Leaning in my friend said, “Now that pot is legal in Nevada, brownies might make a big comeback here.”

As someone who doesn’t even drink, the comment caught me off guard.  I was simply touting the benefits of chocolate.   I often spend days on the road, eating out for business and almost always watch everyone else eat desert while I stir butter into my coffee (a bunch of fellow Keto folks just snickered at that comment).  This left me in my room at night feeling cheated, until my lovely bride came to the rescue. 

Chocolate is a great way to relax, and in the form brownies I can take a Keto friendly treat anywhere!  These treats pack into a small plastic container for 12+ hours of travel.  They are even better after chilling for a day in a hotel refrigerator (or ice bucket for the serious road warriors). 

Click Here to try the Bon Appé Keto Fudgy Pecam Brownie recipe for yourself.  Why wait for a road trip, you could be enjoying the calming joy of a fresh baked Keto chocolate brownie in less than an hour.

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