Keto Friendly Food In Germany

Diets are made to be broken, that is why Keto should be seen as a lifestyle.  Vacations are no excuse, and if you’re traveling abroad this is a great time to discover Keto entrées with a more authentic style. This past summer we took the family vacation of a lifetime, spending the better part of an entire month in Europe.

My lovely bride and I managed to maintain our Keto eating the entire time.  I personally lost over 12 lbs that month…that’s right I lost a dozen pounds with on vacation and didn’t feel like I missed a thing! 

Germany was one of our favorites stops on our trip.  We found a great little restaurant in Düsseldorf’s Landeshauptstadt (old town) district with the most amazing staff.  We were able to confirm the ingredients in each dish, which allowed us to order more than just plain meat and butter.  Everything was prepared in house and cooked fresh that day.  If you are ever in Düsseldorf you must have dinner at Alstadt Restaurant Düseldorf!

When people think Germany, they naturally think beer, which is most certainly NOT the best option for Keto.  The next dish that comes to mind is sauerkraut!  Not only is sauerkraut delicious, it’s full of vitamins, fiber and probiotics which all help keep you healthy at home or on the road.

I opted for a traditional Beef Stroganoff to go with my sauerkraut.  With tender beef, a light creamy sauce, and garden-fresh mushrooms.  I must say that having Beef Stroganoff in Germany spoiled me.  The consistency of the sauce was completely different.  It was much thinner and complimented the meat rather than covering it up.  If you want to try a close version, check out our Keto Beef Stroganoff recipe

To complete the German Experience, you must have good Bratwurst to go with that sauerkraut but be careful!  While I had fresh farm-made links in Germany, most pre-packaged Bratwurst in America has sugar or corn syrup and dextrose, all of which make these treats not Keto.  Traditional German Bratwurst recipes do not call for any of those ingredients.  My advice is to buy local fresh or stuff your own.

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Try our KETO Beef Stroganoff recipe

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