Keto on The Road

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Changing your entire diet is challenge at first for anyone.  The challenge is amplified if you spend a great deal of time on the road.  I spend over 150 days a year traveling for work and on family vacations. 

My commitment to KETO has found me packing when I can, and placing some strange orders from time to time.  Here are some great lessons I have learned from KETO on the road.

Brian Miller

Packing the Perfect Keto Carry-on Bag

I’ve learned to always pack something keto friendly as it is rare to get a snack for a flight attended that contains no sugar or carbs.

The Strangest Order of the Week

“That’s the strangest request I’ve heard all week” the barkeep said with a chuckle. Bartenders usually don’t surprise easily…

Chocolate Brownies Make Everything Better

“Chocolate brownies make everything better”, I said to my friend at the bar. The look on his face was classic. That statement in most cities…

Keto Friendly Food In Germany

Diets are made to be broken, that is why Keto should be seen as a lifestyle. Vacations are no excuse, and if you’re traveling abroad…