Packing the Perfect Keto Carry-on Bag

Seeing the world seems like such an exotic and exciting thing. The reality is quite different.  Take airline travel for example.  Sure you get to fly high in the sky, if the plane takes off on time and the weather cooperates.  With airline travel, you really never know if or where you might get stuck.  I remember once being forced to sit for 4 hours in a closed terminal in Columbus, OH with no restaurant, no store and a ladies room that was out of order (not a happy evening for about 120 passengers).

I learned to always pack something keto friendly, as it is rare to get a snack from a flight attended that contains no sugar or carbs.  Many of my trips are to conventions where eating on the go is the only option.  A great on-the-go treat is Bon Appe Keto Bagels.  I have Suzi make mine flat by just baking blobs on a cookie sheet.  The result is a round, flat disc that is not very attractive (like I said travel is not that glamorous) but pack into travel containers nicely.

Here is a post I made on facebook during a recent convention in Las Vegas.  I was put up at a casino with no breakfast options other than Starbucks.  My solutions was to go with the Bacon, Egg, Gouda sandwich.  I ditched the carb filled ciabatta bread and used one of my flat bagels.  This made for a great breakfast sandwich on the go.

Here’s a great way to still enjoy a breakfast at Starbucks. Swap out the bread for a KETO bagel made mostly of cheese. So yummy! — at Tropicana Las Vegas.

The amount of food I bring depends on the length of the trip. Most of the time I fly with a roller-bag in the overhead bin and backpack under seat in front of me. The roller-bag gets two travel containers; one with Bon Appe Keto Bagels the other with Bon Appe Keto Fudgy Chocolate Brownies.

I always have a few snacks in my bag, including something sweet to elevate by mood and something crunchy to pass the time.  Here are a few staples in my carryon bag:

  • Sugar Free Jolly Ranchers – it’s nice to have something to suck on during a long flight
  • Blue Diamond Smokehouse Almonds – this will make the guy next to you jealous when he gets is complimentary bag of 6 peanuts
  • Just The Cheese snack bars – my favorite is the Grilled Cheese Sandwich flavor
  • Mission Meats Beef Sticks – a great source of protein and goes so good with a Just the Cheese bar.
  • Jigsaw Health Electrolyte Supreme Powder – to add to a bottle of water in case I can’t find a store that sells VitaminWater Zero.
  • A Few packets of Swerve – for coffee or tea
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