My Keto Journey

My entire adult life, I suffered with the heartbreak and shame of being fat. I found a solution, and I’ve made it simple.

Do you feel like you’ve tried almost every diet out there and still can’t manage to get the weight off and get healthy? I’ve been there. Why it’s always failed is because it was a diet based on restriction, deprivation, hunger and temptation. Diets are designed to fail. Keto is not a “diet”, it’s not something you do for a little while then stop. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a delicious, healthy way of eating that will transform your body and your health.

Honestly, weight loss is just a side effect of what happens inside of your body. One of the first things you will experience will be an immediate reduction in bloating and inflammation. You won’t have that sluggish feeling, and there will be a reduction in pain.

The second is an increase in your energy level. When I woke up on my third day of doing Keto, I couldn’t believe how I felt. I literally jumped out of bed and exclaimed, “I feel like I’m 17 again!” My body felt so good! My energy level was higher than it had been in 30 years, and I wanted to do things … in the morning! Not being a “morning person”, this was a bit miraculous. I just had so much energy. I said to myself, “Weight loss or not, this absolutely rocks!”

Then my thoughts became less foggy, and I could think clearer, and focus better. What sorcery was this?

I wasn’t hungry – ever.
       I ate cheesecake for breakfast,

My pain was gone.
       I ate pizza for lunch!

My inflammation was gone.
       I devoured Prime Rib and butter sautéed mushrooms for dinner.

My energy level was through the roof.
       I licked the spoon of my ice cream for dessert.

My mind was clear.
       And as I laid there, in my bed, I literally felt the fat melting off my body.

How … how was this possible? It’s Keto. It’s miraculous. It’s filling. It’s helped me loose over 130 pounds. It’s restored my health. And it’s given me a new beginning.

I am so passionate about this because I know it can help you! It WILL change your life. I know you are struggling, and can’t get out of the hole you’re in. But I know the way out! And I’m here to help you find your way out, too.

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