Weight Loss Isn't The Only Benifit to Keto

Weight Loss Isn’t the Only Benefit

When we seriously cut back the carbohydrates from our diet and enter a state of ketosis, things happen in our bodies that are nothing short of

Calculating Your Macros

**First you need to know what your lean body mass is. The most accurate way is to have a DEXA Scan, BodPod, or Hydrostatic Weighing test done. These tests must be scheduled and can cost up to a few hundred dollars. If that’s not something that’s in your budget, then a moderately accurate way to […]

Nutritional Ketosis. What Is it?

Nutritional Ketosis is a normal and natural metabolic state that takes place when your body burns fat for fuel. This occurs when your blood glucose (blood sugar) and muscle glycogen (the concentrated form of sugar that is stored in your muscle cells) are exhausted, and your body needs fuel. Your body will turn to its […]

Keto 101

My Keto Journey What Is Keto? Keto is shorthand for ketogenic. Simply put, it is the process your body undergoes when it burns fat. A ketogenic diet is when you eat foods that shift your metabolism from burning sugars and carbs to burning your own fat for fuel by eating a high healthy fat, moderate […]