Spatulas, Wooden Spoons and Tongs, Oh My! Easily overlooked tools that are must haves in your kitchen.  I am not paid to represent the specific items listed below.  I have selected each item after personally using it, and I believe they are the best tools for each purpose. Please note that there is no additional cost to you for purchasing through the links on this page, and as an Amazon Associate I earn a very small commission from qualifying purchases.  So please click on the images here to help support Bon Appe Keto in your shopping process.

Not all utensils are created equal. I’ve gone through more substandard ones that I can count. A good quality tool that lasts 15+ years is well worth the investment. After all, there is nothing worse than having your spatula come apart when you are flipping those Fluffy Keto Pancakes.

Flipping, Scraping & Mini Spatulas

Wooden Spoons & Slotted Spoons


Skimmers & Ladles

Food Tongs

Meat Tenderizers

Cookie Scoops

Ice-Cream Scoop

Pizza Cutters

Rolling Pins

Pastry & Basting Brushes

Garlic Press

Veggie Peeler

Ground Meat Chopper

Grease Splatter Screen / Guard

Full Utensil Set

Full Utensil Set