I am not paid to represent the specific items listed below.  I have selected each item after personally using it, and I believe they are the best tools for each purpose. Please note that there is no additional cost to you for purchasing through the links on this page, and as an Amazon Associate I earn a very small commission from qualifying purchases.  So please click on the images here to help support Bon Appe Keto in your shopping process.


So easy to use and they cost only a couple of dollars, the spiralizer will save you a lot of money (and carbs) when you use it to make your own zoodles (zucchini noodles).  I like to make a large batch of zoodles and freeze them in individual portion sizes with my Food Saver.

I have a hand spiralizer and one that attaches to my KitchenAid Mixer.

Avocado Slicer Tools

It splits, it pits, it slices.  About the only thing this tool doesn’t do is eat the avocado for you.  Definite time saver!

Salad Spinner

Who likes a soggy salad with watered down dressing?  Not me.  This is so easy to use and ensures that your salad and vegetables are properly washed AND dried

Milk Frother

Don’t have time to wait to use the blender for your bullet proof coffee?  Just use one of these milk frothers.  Super easy to clean – just turn it on in a glass of warm soapy water, rinse and presto, it’s clean.  I also use this to make small batches of whipped cream.  Yum!

Egg Slicer

It’s not just for eggs.  Use this slicer for cheese, butter and veggies.  It makes nice even slices and it’s quicker than using a knife.

Burger Press

When making a few, or making a few dozen, a burger press will help you make perfect patties. I love using mine to make burgers in bulk then I use the Food Saver and freeze them to keep them fresh.

Tortilla Press

I love my Victoria Tortilla Press!! It makes the perfect Keto Tortillas EVERY time. Tortillas are a staple for wraps, quesadillas, fajitas, breakfast burritos and nachos!! A time saver and perfection every time.

Microwave Cover

I’m not sure why, but I hate cleaning the microwave. One of the things we cook most in the microwave is bacon; it’s faster and it comes out perfect. The down side is the splatter. You will avoid the mess with a cover and keep your microwave cleaner longer.

Can Opener

A good quality can opener is essential in the kitchen. I recommend a smooth edge opener: you don’t have to worry about cuts or nicks.